Financial impose tax deductions on teachers and teachers for the benefit of widows and divorcees

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ... revealed the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance tax deductions imposed on teachers and teachers. While confirming that those deductions will be allocated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for the benefit of widows and divorced slice.

He said spokeswoman ministry Hadeel al-Amiri said in press statements pursued / Baghdadi News /, "The Ministry of Finance has sent us a book to deduct these amounts from the month of February 2015," Mrdvh: "We as a ministry turned it down deduction, but the financial insisted on the implementation of the resolution."

Ameri added that "the deduction came in favor of the Ministry of Labour and the guidance of the Council of Ministers and all ministries, not only education."
She explained that "The ministry demanded by excluding them from this decision the fact that teachers and teachers slice are the foundation of the country and a few generations and their salaries, compared to the rest slide" .