Work: strive for the development and rehabilitation of displaced people to enter the labor market

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Thursday, training (517) displaced people to develop their skills and prepare them for entry into the labor market. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Ammar Menem: that the ministry is seeking to rehabilitate and develop the displaced capabilities of job seekers to enter the labor market, by throwing them in the vocational training in Baghdad and the provinces, referring to the training (517) displaced from job seekers during 2014 and 2015, of whom 144 were male and 373 female. "

"The ministry is seeking to lend a helping hand to people displaced by the terrorist attacks of those registered in the municipal council through the establishment of their own training courses to qualify them for entry into the labor market, pointing out that the trainee enrolled in vocational training centers give the amount of five thousand dinars for each day of training actual act Law No. (38 of 2008). " And between Menem, "said the ministry provided vocational training centers iPods supply smart blackboards SMARTBORD, as well as the establishment of an information center and a draft communication video halls of training at a cost of one billion and 125 million dinars, as well as training halls are equipped with cooling and water coolers and the allocation of vehicles to transport the trainees at a cost of two billion and (292) million and one hundred thousand dinars.