Darraji discuss with the Romanian ambassador to his country's participation in the Iraqi companies to develop industry

Search Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji with the Romanian ambassador to Iraq, Jacob Prada ways to strengthen cooperation and partnership relations in all fields. The minister said in a statement issued by his press office and received by the agency / scales News / copy of it on the sidelines of a meeting with Romanian Ambassador in Iraq, he stressed that "Iraq is looking forward to establish Avdila relations with the countries of the world evolving to take advantage of their experience at various levels, stressing the importance of upgrading existing between cooperation and the two countries so as to achieve common interests and the need to exchange expertise and experiences in the manufacturing sector between Iraq and Romania so as to contribute to the promotion and development of national capacities. "

The statement quoted the "Minister of Industry and his emphasis on the ministry's keenness on developing and building its sophisticated national competitive industry through the use of foreign expertise."

He stressed "the need to take advantage of the Romanian experience in various industrial fields and polarization for the advancement of the Iraqi industry."
For his part, the Romanian ambassador to his country's keenness to develop relations with Iraq and to promote mutual cooperation, revealing the willingness of Romanian companies for joint cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals companies to implement many of the vital projects .