Abadi plans to launch new reforms affecting eight ministries are required to support the National Alliance

Today, 00:35

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: detection of the National Alliance MP Ali al-Murshidi, Thursday, for the determination of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi launch new reforms soon affect eight ministries, with the request of the leaders of the coalition support to pass those reforms in the House of Representatives.

Said Morshedi in a press statement, seen by "Sky Press," he said, "that" the National Alliance renewed at the last meeting support for the reforms, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and strengthened to meet the selections that require parliamentary bloc, the largest stand with the government, "noting that" the leaders of the Alliance confirmed its support any action taken by the prime minister on condition of harming the citizens to submit such measures through laws to the parliament. "

"The prime minister plans to hold feminine and merging some ministries and the replacement of some of the agents under the new reform plan," expected to "affect those reforms 8 Ministries, as well as other changes will include agents and general managers."

He said the "National Alliance urged the Prime Minister to make a detailed study to the House about the nature of the new Ministerial limbering through legislation law," stressing that "the National Alliance wants to project the success of reformist Prime Minister provided it does not affect the standard of living of the Iraqi people."

He noted that "the delay in the implementation of some reforms causes date back to the security and political problems and the fall in oil prices."

The prime minister moved last week to hold a meeting rarely with the outskirts of the Sunni alliance on the same day voted to uphold the legislative Beslahaath, and followed this meeting a surprise visit by Abadi to Najaf, where he met references religion except al-Sistani, as also met both of leader Moqtada al-Sadr, and guide the Virtue Party Mohammed al-Yacoubi.