Vice requiring the government to reform laws to send ..
Dated: November 25,

Baghdad / Iraq News Network called on the House of Representatives decision Imad Youkhana, government, law reform projects to send to Parliament, with a view to voting Alleha.oukal Youkhana in a press statement today: "We asked the government when we intercepted the reform mechanism that was supposed to be in line with the Constitution The law, to send the reform bills to abolish the ministries laws were possessed legally as well as projects concerning the salary scale and the other in order to legally be legislation and constitutional and be binding on the government. "He added that" the survival of things so longer interfere with the work of the government and an interference affairs Parliamentary since the legislation of laws of validity the House of Representatives, and the government issued the decisions and instructions regarding laws that proceed "He stressed Youkhana" We support the reform is legal and constitutional, and when Parliament authorized the prime minister and cabinet reforms and set not to conflict with the Constitution and the law, there are ministries merged her law should be abolished ministry canceled and merged Law with another ministry. "He explained," also exempt positions from their positions without reference to Parliament to vote on it, as there are sites were acting may be the prerogative of the Council of Ministers to discharge an agent or general managers, but there are general managers voters, them in the Council of Ministers and they Mthbton and agents and Zrara, these things must come through a mechanism and a roadmap to take legally her. "He continued," The government understands the subject and cooperation with the parliament, which is ready to cooperate with them to accomplish the reforms. "The National Alliance MP Mohammed Allkash, warned yesterday of circumventing the law reform, called on the government quickly sent to the House of Representatives in order to Agherarha.ozkr Allkash in a statement that the bills "include the abolition and merging ministries, and the appointment of heads of agencies and institutions special degree instead of the rank of Minister, and the elimination of positions of major Congress of the Republic, ministers and handed the last salary."