After the shooting on every citizen .. looming end to the agreement with the State of Law


He said the leadership of the Supreme Islamic Council, Mohammed Mayahi, that what he has done for the State of Law MP Kazem Sayadi is considered an assassination attempt.
He said al-Mayahi, a network Roudao media that "Sayadi tried to kill a normal person and without protection in the building inside and attacked him with weapons, and this work falls within the terrorist acts will not keep silent about it."
He said al-Mayahi, "should the State of Law bloc Sayadi expulsion of the cluster, and in case of failure to respond to this, we will reconsider the citizen as a bloc Bagatna with the state law."
Sayadi Accounting and went on Mayahi "We are working within the framework of the law and we will raise a lawsuit against Sayadi, and the whole We will take the case to court, because the attempt to assassinate one of our people act of terrorism, and the court must impose a sentence him."
And the parliamentary immunity, leader of the Supreme Islamic Council said that "the court does not interfere in the political realities, either Sayadi what he did is criminal, not political, and the Court does not need to lift the immunity to catch someone who enjoys parliamentary immunity on charges of committing a criminal offense."
For his part, MP for the rejection of the rule of law Rubaie, to comment on this issue, saying that the judiciary is the judge in the matter.
Rubaie said the network Roudao media that "what he did Sayadi personal work, and gives voice on the position of the rule of law, and the case will be decided by the judiciary."
On the request of the mass expulsion of citizens Sayadi of the mass of citizens continued al-Rubaie, "I will not talk at the moment about this, but after that the issue be resolved by the court."
The MP for the rule of law Kazem Sayadi, the day on Tuesday, firing from his pistol on the personal spokesman for the Supreme Council, eloquent Abu tirelessly after the completion of a television interview TV channel Tigris in central Baghdad.