Regulators unable to expose corruption and reform the heads .. Abadi just statements to the media (details)

25-11-2015 08:00 PM

Said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Salah al-Jubouri, Wednesday, that the regulators are unable to expose corruption heads, while noting that very weak prime minister in the detection of financial and administrative corruption files.

Jubouri said in a press statement, that 'there are files of public opinion related to the Central Bank invoices counterfeit and weapons detection of explosives and the deal Russian and materials ration card to the Ministry of Trade ', stressing that' all regulators accountable staff small degrees and is not accountable to steal Iraq's money bills forged billions of dollars'.

He said 'regulators unable to expose corruption warheads in Iraq' , noting that the 'reforms, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is only statements to the media does not affect the corrupt and the corrupt.

"He pointed out that' Abadi is very weak in his reforms to reveal financial and administrative corruption Files'.