Salhi: two paragraphs of "permission and notification" a barrier to the adoption of ...

November 25, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network made it clear to the Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights, that the two paragraphs of "permission and notification" stand a barrier to the adoption of freedom of expression and peaceful protest law. According to a statement of the Commission today: "The Chairman of the Committee Arshad Salhi received today at the Commission's headquarters building of the House of Representatives of a number of civil society organizations and the presence of a number of members of the Committee and member of the Human Rights Commission Alhatri the fruit."

Salhi was made according to the statement detailed explanation of freedom of expression, assembly and peaceful demonstration and the desire of the Commission to speed up its approval by the House of Representatives, noting that "the obstacles that stand in the enactment of the law is Vqrta ear and the dangers that allow to demonstrate." He pointed to "the desire of the Commission in cooperation and coordination between civil society organizations and the Commission to come out of the final form of the draft law for the legislation as soon as possible." The House of Representatives postponed in 12 of the current month, the vote on the freedom of expression and assembly and peaceful protest law, due to lack of agreement by the committees.