30 thousand displaced families return to Tikrit and Beiji

Held Salahuddin province police headquarters, Monday, conference security first in Tikrit to assess its work plan during the past three months, as indicated that the security situation in the city in an escalating improvement, confirmed that the battles waged against al Daash within 3 months killed 118 insurgents and captured 88 others.

He said the provincial police chief Maj. Gen. guarantor Hamid, during a press conference after the conference, at the command center of Tikrit, and attended (range Press), "The security conference was held in the presence of the security services officials in the province to assess the situation and plans within three months since last September," noting that " After the assessment of the security measures in place in the province show that the situation continues to improve. "
He said Hamid, "The past months have seen the killing of 118 terrorists and found 12 bodies of them, as well as the arrest of 88 others, and the dismantling of the lift and the bombing of more than 1,700 explosive and Glican mg, in addition to the revocation explosives effect in 67 houses and two car bombs, and found 204 rockets and two platforms to launch , and the liberalization of a number of hostages. " He said Hamid, said that "the leadership of the police organized an exhibition of the activities of the Directorate against explosives to reflect the tremendous efforts in the protection of citizens despite the weakness of their potential and their dependence primitive means in dismantling improvised."

The provincial police chief said "the relationship between the security services and forces the crowd good and coordinate common tasks to protect citizens and defeat terrorism," pointing to "the presence of media lurking national our unity and produces scenarios specialization, nor has the truth onion." He noted that "Daash gangs and after big losses at the sites and people are pushing now and then attacks the elements of suicide, especially when Alstrtejah areas Kjebal Hamrin including Alas fields and Makhoul oil as well as in Makhoul Mountains and approaches Baiji oil refineries but we confront him valiantly and will not allow the breach of security."

Hamid said that "the city of Tikrit, saw the return of 26 thousand and 400 displaced families, and that after the restoration of security in the city," pointing to "the return of 4,000 displaced families, to the south of Baiji pilgrims region."

Hamid added that "5000 displaced families also returned to the elimination round (25 km east of Salah al-Din governorate)," pointing out that "the security forces managed last week, of the arrest of a gang Tsil the center of the province."
The conference is the first to be held in Tikrit by the provincial police command in the editing since last April.