President of the Parliament under two options for crisis Salahuddin: minor changes or return the pre-firings

House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, moves quickly to contain the crisis, the Government of Tikrit after a dramatic developments in the case during the current week. When he returned in "Daash" threatens to areas close to the borders before the Baiji refinery to withdraw again after the establishment of the joint forces Besdh violently. Jubouri, who accused him of some of Salahuddin officials to ignite the crisis in the province, engaged in intensive dialogue, a few days ago in Baghdad, with the parties to the crisis may end changes "minor" in important positions after the opposition bloc last week's dismissal of the governor and provincial council chairman.

He does not see the opposition bloc, in the Salah al-Din, paid no justification to accept mediation, stressing proceed with forming a new government. And gave 14 members of the Council of Salahuddin province, Sunday, a request to the House of Representatives to dismiss the Council in response to the 17 members of the Council, most of the block headed by the minister Almrhq Ahmed al-Jubouri, dismissal of the governor Raed al-Jubouri and President of the Council, Ahmed Karim and his deputy Mekhlef Dulaimi in an exciting session held in Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad.

And it accuses the government of Salah al-Din exiled minister of trying to return to the province, after he failed to recover his seat in parliament occupied by substitute MP Mishan al-Jubouri, which in turn supports the local government article. And stabbed the governor of Salahuddin, head of the legitimacy of the council action "meeting Baghdad," Makdan it violates the rules of procedure, because he was outside the province geographically. Opposition bloc justified recourse to hold a meeting in Baghdad to "fear for its members" after receiving threats.

Jubouri combines adversaries

He says Sabhan Mullah horses, one of the signatories of the request of the solution of the provincial council, in connection with the (long) "We handed the request to parliament to dissolve the council and wait for the start of its meetings after the holiday, which ends on 8 December next." Council and justify his request to "great negligence" in the performance of some of its members, which disrupted the work of local government, and the fear of a return to the province to the pre-fall, however, "Daash" policy. And confirms Mullah horses that "Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the tours consultative since the days to restore cohesion to the Council of Salahuddin province," noting that "al-Jubouri, tried to bring the parties to find a compromise may spend the selection of a new governor provided that the Ahmed al-Jubouri."

And horses and his colleagues refuse categorically return Almrhq Minister Ahmed al-Jubouri again to the leadership of the province, considering it "one of the reasons for the fall in the province in June 2014, however Daash". He adds local official said "there dialogues in Baghdad with the political forces and the popular crowd, keen to stay calm in the province for fear of the militants expansion again in the province."

Daash invest political crisis

Mullah horses and warns that "the chaos experienced by Salah al-Din that may be exploited by parties to confuse the security situation, especially as the Daash increased during the last two days of its exposures to the city of Baiji freed soon, and the north is still witnessing fierce battles."

And reveals Provincial Council member Salah al-Din that "a few days ago Daash able to control the Baiji refinery near the power station before withdrawing them again." He accused the president of Salahuddin Ahmed Karim Council voting on the dismissal of "collaborating with Daash and participation in the province, however, the fall of the organization." It was Karim said he did not rule out hiring Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri of the differences to achieve partisan gain is the architect of the crisis. "The head of the provincial council expressed concern that the organization invests Daash confusion and begin to liquidate officials who supported the security forces and the crowd.

A new scenario for salads

For his part, accused the Attorney Shaalan Karim entities that sparked chaos in the province and says it is "dissatisfied with the success of the Government of Tikrit and the level of understanding created between the army and the crowd and the population", adding that "some of the names put forward as substitutes sympathizers or supporters of Daash". Karim also asserts that "the President of the House of Representatives is trying to heal the crisis before it can accommodate affect the success of the security."

It is likely MP for the National Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, said that "dialogues Jubouri end to one of two scenarios either minor changes to the job positions in the province or return to the situation before the session is a good hotel."

The student Karim Salah al-Din officials to "interest in the affairs of displaced people and the preservation of the liberated areas of Daash rather than create chaos." And close to the minister said in his article on Facebook that the former minister Ahmed al-Jubouri, decided to run for governor of Salahuddin response to a request Council and the people of the province.

Page confirmed, quoting al-Jubouri as "Saudi Arabia is not linked to any foreign agendas and country as peddled by some media personalities and inciting the enemies of success." The al-Jubouri, according to Page, his readiness to take over the post of governor of Salahuddin province, vowing to dissolve the "tribal conflicts and few differences between the popular crowd and clans."
In the meantime says Khaled al-Darraji, the most prominent candidates for the position of head of the provincial council instead of cream, that "there are dialogues between the political blocs, but we have a quorum and is not obliged to enter into Tvaaudhat".

And confirms Darraji, a representative of the Council of Samarra in Salah al-Din (range), "we're going to form a new government, and wait for the end of the article challenged the governor to nominate a replacement."
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