More than 300 billion dinars debt owed by the Kurdistan Electricity and citizens ..

The Ministry of Electricity in the Kurdistan region, said Tuesday that the indebtedness of citizens, and government institutions during the current year of more than 300 billion dinars, while confirming that this amount comes as graphics pay for the national electricity bills.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity in Kurdistan Yassin Hussein province, in an interview for the (long-Presse) that "the citizens and the institutions of government the state, in the Kurdistan region owe it to the Ministry of Electricity in the amount of 340 billion dinars, so its graphics pay electricity bills from the beginning of the current year until the end of the month August 2015 ".

Hussein added that "due to the graphics on the citizens of 168 billion dinars, and government departments and institutions owed $ 174 billion dinars." The electricity minister in the Kurdistan province of Salah al-Din Babiker, announced earlier during the opening of the two projects in two Alkahrbaiatin Colras Tavkh subsidiaries and to the province of Sulaymaniyah, the region that need to be $ 3 billion annually to provide electric power to all provinces of the region. The amounts owed by the citizens and state government departments in the province have not been paid up to now as a result of the difficult economic conditions experienced by the region in light of the financial crisis.