To put an end to this unfortunate accident?! Appeals for «Al-Zubaidi» to put pressure on Parliament to enact the Port Authority Law


He wrote political editor
I was in Basra a few days ago to cover a news investigation under the title «Made in Iraq» have encountered and I was there for an incident in the port of Umm Qasr northern two days before an arrest in a joint ambush between national security and the Integrity Commission on staff in the Customs port mentioned belonging to Ministry of Finance during delivery bribe them with a value of (100) one hundred thousand dollars, it says the information known to the close had been sent (30) thousand to them of $ Khawwalh and (70) thousand dollars in cash have been impounded during the delivery process and Mafatt attention really, according to the narrators that Integrity staff were assaulted and severe beatings during the performance of their duties and not only this, but was assassinated officer in the National Security named (nos. s) shot him after leaving the port, has fell asleep, the officer in Sadr Teaching Hospital in Basra, but away overtook him I asked about the reason for the assassination of the officer Gallant was told to me he refused a bribe of $ 38 thousand dollars, but he did not sell his conscience and principles of knowing that he lives in Hawwasm area in the district of Abu Fertile has receipts and tours to arrest the thieves of public money. On that basis, I find myself obliged to appeal to the director of the National Security Service, Mr. Faleh al-Fayad honored this officer Sharif, who lost his life in order to be and my appeal directed also to Mr. Transport Minister Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi and tell him press on the House of Representatives for legislation Port Authority Act for the legislation the Port Authority Act because such a law that makes the rest of the employees of the ministries under the authority of the ports and will be less and ending cases of violations because the ports are now five or six subordinate bodies of finance, trade, health and other of the ministries and not the Ministry of Transport authority over them and thus any breach or financial corruption, you can not control and would distort the Iraqi ports name because people will say it happened at such and such a port and Aigal in the Ministry of Finance Customs Department or event in the examination committee payloads of the Ministry of Health foods.