Proposals on global parliament


Parliament Voice of the People, a representative of the people, decide on behalf of the people, calling for the rights of people, came from the womb of the people, if stolen, it is not surprising; it is not a mistake but a doctor; disagreeable to them justification; and dislikes of their defamation.
Everything in my permissible; raise the ceiling shouting demands, the deaf law; and his throne dumb, if he messes his speech, to speak already!, Although it is proposing crazy, we dreams of vigilance, but hoping will not wake them days.
I suggest dreamer Wenzhe demands by Parliament, put it on the side of the conscience of the deceased, including, solution flow numbers of refugees candidates for the next Parliament, the crisis was the development of a detector about the intention of the candidate in the sincerity of his devotion to the people.
Is simple, just enacted a new law, the members of parliament salaries sets, so that the total (500) thousand dinars, there is nothing wrong by adding ((250 thousand dinars, fuel disposal of him, and the elimination of protections and armored cars, and the withdrawal of passports, and display the fingerprint identification always The absence, in public. As for currently exists, the Parliament island of Political Economy, did not oppress the dreamer much, only suggested harboring each deputy in his home, for one of the displaced families, so that it can easily remind them, and work to find quick solutions to get rid of them.
Suppose also donate to them, half their salaries to the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd, and be on the form of monthly salaries to them, and that the fulfillment of the door, which they gave a fraction, to breathe by politicians of their ilk.
In order not to underestimate the right of Members Almmtlkin other nationalities, I propose to put in front of each member of the Iraqi flag, and has added another nationality him aware of that State, and is placed not only the Kurdistan flag is, in front of every Kurd member.
Finally a question? Placed on the door to enter parliament frown emoticon why you discharged section before Ttzlmwa positions)?!.