Washington alliance is still zero in the eyes of state law, Russian !!


Iraq today / special
Although the country is living in miserable conditions in all respects, due to its transformation into a large pasture of corruption and mafia networks, but the conflict with al Daash, it has become an instrument of forgiveness which adheres to its political forces to forget all the foregoing, and has become an instrument of forgiveness this officially,
Especially if we know that the three presidencies, issued days before a consolidated statement, confirms this approach, to make sure that nothing of the interests of people, unable to compete with the organization Halaa.orteurh the Committee on Foreign Parliamentary Relations, a coalition of Aleghanon- Iqbal Abdul Hussein, spoke spokesman everyone, on " lack of conviction of the people and their representatives, the ability of the international coalition to defeat Daash terrorist, "but we know that the political team became great promoters of the alliance with the Russians, and the abandonment of the alliance with Washington bed, have found that it has to return to recall the results of the field which is supervised by the Alliance of Washington above the sexagenarian (exceeded Sixty-state): "The international coalition, after more than a year after its formation, and its potential large, has not been able to achieve concrete progress, if Makorn the achievements of the armed forces and the popular crowd during the last period," but that Abdul Hussein brought the airline coalition efforts (above the sexagenarian ) to zero: "The armed forces and the popular crowd, it freed a lot of the areas occupied by the terrorist organization, which came mostly without the participation of flight international coalition", and is considered the Deputy of state law that the foregoing of her, evidence of the "ineffective .. that remained to put it The current ", and what is required from the international community with regard to Iraq, the MP apparently has chosen They are the most important in Dictionary political team:" The international community must, assume its responsibilities in the fight against terrorism in Iraq, and to support national reconciliation in which efforts, especially since Iraq and the stability of the situation, for two large and influential impact on the security and stability of the region, and their positions in general, and the economic ones in particular, "and the door of an aside, your reference, dear reader, that the United States, is leading an international coalition of 62 countries, was formed in August of last year , to fight the terrorist Daash who occupied her time several areas in Iraq.