Peshmerga: We have not received any money from Baghdad eight years ago
2015-11-25 15:23:27
| (Voice of Iraq) - Erbil

Ministry denied the Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Region, on Wednesday, received sums of money in the annual budget for the Peshmerga forces eight years ago, and as noted the absence of securing any kind of weapons and military equipment and supplies by the central Ministry of Defense of the Peshmerga, indicated that it provided more than eight thousand dead and wounded and missing in the war against "terrorism".

The Secretary General of the ministry team Jabbar Yawar said in a statement that "despite the existence of a paragraph related to Beshmrگh Kurdistan forces budget within the annual budget of the Government of Iraq, the federal law since 2007 2015, different contents of each year, it is up to now has not allocated the Iraqi federal government and any form of in any shapes and any sum of money as a budget for the annual Albeshmrگh forces. "

He said Yawar that he "was not also secure any type of weapons and military equipment and supplies by the Ministry of Defense in the government of Iraq's federal forces Albeshmrگh", adding that "However, the Peshmerga forces and all other protection of the region forces, are part of the security and defense system in the state federal Iraq, according to the fifth paragraph of Article 121 of the Federal Constitution of Iraq. "

He said Yawar that "Peshmerga carried out the functions and duties of all the dedication and sincerity in defending the security and stability and the protection of the Kurdistan region against any threats, especially after the events of June and the battles against terrorists Daash," pointing out that "these forces until now made in 1288 martyrs and 62 missing and 7544 injured as offerings to the war against terrorism. "