Zebari: Files (range) for real money laundering and the elimination of follow-up

Author: AR, TT
Editor: AR

2015/11/25 13:41

Long-Presse / Karbala
Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, said on Wednesday that money laundering which files are published, institution-term, real and realistic, and among that everyone works for the fight against corruption, the judiciary called for a follow-up files of corruption and issuing orders to them.

Zebari said during a joint news conference with the governor of Karbala, Akil Turaihi and chairman of the province of Karbala Nassif rhetorical, in the governorate building and attended by the (long-Presse) that "the money that revealed washing files, Foundation-term, is a real and realistic", stressing that "everyone is working on anti-corruption financial and administrative after obtaining the support of the masses and religious reference. "

Zebari called on the judiciary to "follow up these files and issuing orders to them."

The head of the Foundation range of information, culture, arts, Fakhri Karim, handed in (the ninth of November the current 2015), President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, the full file to the issues of money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency Alambtaah from the central bank auction, who was Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and the President of the Iraqi National Congress, the late MP Ahmad Chalabi, had deposited a copy of it with Mr. Karim, a student submission to the judiciary in the case of a hated.