New details about the incident .. How Sayadi opened fire on "Abu tirelessly"?

Wednesday 25-11-2015 | 2:01:52

Twilight News / in the incident is the first in the Iraqi political and media landscape, the MP for the coalition of state law, led by Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki, Kazem Sayadi, to withdraw his gun personal and fire on the official spokesman for a coalition of the Islamic Supreme Council eloquent Abu citizen block tirelessly, and without the latter's withdrawal from the "Hall of confrontation" to ever settled in his body.

And begin the tale, that one Iraqi channel based in Amman, hosted Sayadi on the main published in Baghdad office on 8 Iraq timing clock, and after the end of the bulletin and leave the guest Sayadi studio, found in wait eloquent Abokll Hall, so he veered toward him Sayadi and the Ptanifa on its arguments in a previous interview It dealt with a member of a coalition of state law, then withdrew his pistol it.

One witnesses the incident, who declined to give his name, said that "the photographer in the channel was present moment the incident is saved Abu tirelessly from certain death, where the pushing aside when he began to shoot him," stressing "Without the photographer was Abu tirelessly now in the counter the dead. "

In a related context, said another witness, according to Al Arabiya that "the waiting area that has seen the incident, was the women's faces, has Tmlleken horror scene fairly screaming and crying," he said. "When turned a presence to protect the MP to calm the situation, fired protections fire over his head, which She invited him to escape and access to the channel. "

It is said that television programs seen battles and scuffles, as are some of the sessions of Parliament, but the first time that develop to pull guns and start firing.

For his part, spokesman for a coalition of citizen eloquent Abu Galal, said in a statement, he was "surprised by the disposal of an anomaly from a member of the Iraqi parliament is contrary to morality, religion and humanity and in line with the irresponsible practices that subsisted by this MP," noting that he "was on a date in a television interview on Tigris satellite channel and we received an attack without warning by the MP for the rule of law Kazem Sayadi, who was a guest in the main news bulletin on the same channel. "

He added that "Sayadi began attacking us verbally and then called his bodyguards and he started and helping them of trying we took out of the channel and what they could not because of the media and the people working there and the protections of the channel they opened fire from personal guns Ali directly and does not protect individuals involved in the channel caused by recklessness and disregard for and their behavior shameful This left all of us inevitably, "pointing out that" the weapons were directed toward us (the level of the head) but the grace of God and the efforts of the cadres of the Tigris channel and Hamaiadtha went those senseless bullets to turn into material damage on the channel still effects Canvas has proven in detection and significance conducted by the competent security authorities after Minutes incident. "

Spokesman for a coalition of citizens and said that "the rule of law and the decisions of the Iraqi judiciary who came to him committed to them by registering our complaints against MP Kazem Sayadi, protect and considered doing this they attempt to kidnap and an attempt directly with death and the testimony of neutral of the channel staff who recorded their testimony macroscopic of the incident," calling on all sides and national events to "condemn so grating practices are not consistent with our political system and democracy climates, especially as it had been issued for deputy in the House of Representatives."

He said Abu tirelessly that "these desperate attempts will not deter us from carrying out our part in line with the requirements of the supreme national interest and not to be drawn to what you want horns sedition and aggravation that can not live in an atmosphere of harmony and co-existence and the rule of law," and urged the House of Representatives and members of the State of Law bloc to "take the appropriate position Faced with this deputy who offended his behavior this for himself and for the legislative institution to which he belongs. "