Central Bank: the issuance of 50 000 unrelated class does not impact on the economic situation


(Independent) .. The CBI said that he intends banknote issued class (fifty thousand Dinars) complement banknote series currently in circulation and increase the ability to meet the requirements of the public.

The bank said in a statement received (Independent) that the issuance of this class or any other class will not be accompanied by the withdrawal of any class of trading

He pointed out that printed banknote and put it in the trading process (released) are not related to the topic of public spending and not unrelated to state resources or to strengthen their capacity in spending as there was no connection between what is marked by the Central Bank of banknotes, and between the cash version achieved as a result of withdrawals from banks balances has

He stressed that the issuance of this paper or any paper higher or lower value is not connected with nor impact on the economic situation or influencing inflation or deflation. (End)