Parliament responded to the President of the Central Bank: long-revealed official documents and are not state secrets

11/25/2015 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, Tuesday, that the late files, Ahmad Chalabi, published by the (range), and the documents, "an official non-confidential and not secrets of war or intelligence," indicating that it is currently pursuing of the judiciary and the Integrity Commission.

While Financial experts count that "indifference" body Integrity forced (range) for the detection of those documents under the right guaranteed by the Constitution and international conventions, warning of a return to the police procedures that were used by Saddam's regime for withholding information and facts about public opinion.

The head of the Committee Faleh in force, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that " The late MP Ahmad Chalabi, he received the documents published by the Foundation range of information, culture, arts, and other official capacity which, as head of the parliamentary finance committee, not an ordinary citizen, "adding that the" documents official documents came from the Central Bank of Iraq itself, nor is it a secret or secrets warship or intelligence might lead to damage the reputation of the country as remittances to banks Iraqi cooperation with other banks. " Sarees and added that those "documents are in the possession of investigators in the judiciary and the Integrity Commission," returned to "what the Governor of the Central Bank on the confidentiality of those documents lacks accuracy, and that the audit is continuing on them and on the auction currency sale by the highest regulatory organization in the country which is the House of Representatives, about contributing to preserving the reputation of the central bank itself.

"The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, said in a news conference attended (range Press) in (November 22, 2015) that" the central bank had hoped to be files that were published for the late Ahmad Chalabi secret because they are issues related to money laundering and hurt published in cooperation with other countries, "speaking of" the existence of memorandums of understanding signed with some countries not to publish these documents until fully verified. "