Son of Ibrahim al-Jaafari: My parents will not participate the elections and holds al-Maliki responsible for the collapse of the state

News Source: Ali Abd al-Salman

November 24, 2015 18:48

London - Falah al-Quraishi

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the son of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said to his friends through the consolation Hosseini Council in the English language was in the British capital London.

That his father had decided not to participate the upcoming parliamentary elections and said that the Iraqi people and by 90% would boycott the elections after the despair of politicians, parties and false promises to them.

Jaafari said he is ashamed to say after, (that the Baath is the worst period in the history of Iraq), after the disaster that has befallen the Iraqi people during the reign of the post-2003 period, especially the so-called (state law).

He stressed, "The thieves were vying with each other to steal public money and looting of explosive budgets like a spoil of war for them."

He held Jaafari (son) al-Maliki responsible for the collapse of the Iraqi state completely and said that the first door opened Maliki for thieves and whales corruption in 2007, when the change of all inspectors general in the ministries they are the best legal talent and trained by the United States in Washington on this high-end functionality and unique experience reported by the institutions working to Iraq, where the inspector has the right to monitor the work of the minister and audit all contracts concluded,

And appointed them ignorant opportunists rather than subordinate to him, most of whom possesses no secondary certificate and became inspector general in the ministry continued to the minister and the same mass and covers on corruption and received his commission from the corruption and decades phantom trades.

He stressed that the four inspectors in four ministries, however, al-Maliki was an interior, defense, trade and electricity contributed to the destruction of Iraq and the Iraqis because these ministries received more than half the government's annual budget did not provide any unfinished contracts and fictitious logo and theft target.

He pointed out that the smuggling of al-Maliki for his partner Abdul Falah al-Sudani of Samawa prison, a convicted largest theft on the Iraqi state from the Royal Age to now will remain a stain Bjpinh Sakhaldha history with shame crime Spyker and shame the occupation of one-third of Iraq by Daash and will examine the school generations after generations.

At the end of his speech he said "mathematically and morally Iraq ended and will not have a list, a country that has become bankrupt has no present, no future, and in 2016 will hit famine 60% of Iraqis and continue upward and will be canceled pensions and lay off half the staff early in 2016 and this Ataathmlh the current government, but accumulations inherited from the governments of al-Maliki delivered the Iraqi Doomed ravished occupier steeped administrative corruption empty of cash funds and Reserve. "