Monument eight hundred camera to control the entrances and the area around Karbala

Central OSD in the upper threshold of the Holy announced Monument 800 camera to control the entrances and the area around Karbala during a visit session.
According to a statement of the threshold that "the Division has developed a special plan in case of any danger or emergency situation as well as follow-up to the elements and suspicious cases entering the city through more than 800 cameras monitor the electronic set up in preparation for the visit forty witnessing the influx of two million visitors from inside and outside Iraq."

"The engineering staff fully completed work and has operated the cameras and linked system monitoring outdoor areas of the city of Karbala as well as surrounding the shrine of Imam Hussein, peace and the entrances to the old city by the cameras," noting that "the Division set up several types of thermal cameras and very sophisticated and high specifications in addition to the run 800 camera within the modern system of the total in 1000 modern camera variety of shapes and sizes. "

"The women's section in the holy threshold has a special control system managed by a cadre womanly specialist in the field of central surveillance cameras deployed and linked in all internal and external checkpoints."