In the State (other MRI) and procrastination and (Tmtmh) .. Iraq on the brink of division knife and Berlmaonna closing their doors and leaving home for recreation and rest !!

Sources: Sultan Hashim was released denies the parliamentary security and sayings confirm his arrival to the UAE and the government (Khnderes) !!
Foreign aircraft loaded with (Alkuatm and dollars) landing and taking off on the runway by the military (silence) .. What are you doing, Natour ?!

He wrote editor I apologize Dear readers dear and loved ones loyal to Use Single «other Meri« to denote tended to them the situation in our beloved country of listed and ambiguity and blurry unprecedented .. In the (state other MRI) can not Iraqi citizen that gets the right of wasting and no one can of officials The answer to a question asking him, and so things remain cloudy and keep the Iraqi citizen is going on in the cycle does not know how long Thin hour salvation of them ..

Imagine Dear beloved We During the 24 hours we were explicitly in the case of the «shambles« and «LNB media« in connection with the issue of the release of former defense minister in the former regime time Sultan Hashim.

There were conflicting reports end interconnecting While confirming MP for the coalition of state law, high Nassif that the release of Sultan Hashem is not ruled out as part of the political agreement which formalized or Kan current government, headed by Mr. Haider Abadi, while denied the security and defense committee parliamentary rumors about the launch of the man released, said committee member Abbas al-Khuzai that there are appeals and claims and seek from many of the political and social figures on the level of Iraq for his release and that all the information is incorrect when you say media sources that Hashem may He arrived in the United Arab Emirates and he will settle in with his family either the Iraqi government it with extreme regret committed by the silence «Knderes« has not issued an official statement in which things explain accurately and not just silence is strange strange it is, of course, what usually happens in a country (other MRI) bad -known major disaster that while he will vote when the US Congress on Tuesday to the partition of Iraq and dealing with the Sunnis and the Kurdistan region sons in Iraq Kpldan and the application of the US Vice President Joe Biden to divide Iraq into Snstan and Haastan and Kurdistan's decision while Berlmaonna enjoy the holiday ends until the eighth of next month after that closed the doors of the parliament and left the home quickly to spend the most beautiful times in the tourism and recreation either home Feltzbha knives division and either people should go a victim of all retail stomach projects already in the cabinets warlords the Americans and their politicians Almichbaan hatred historical trove and look toward evil goals I was incumbent upon under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives that held today to coincide with the US congressional session scheduled for Tuesday an extraordinary session in order to take a firm stand and move diplomacy and foreign to stop discussing this serious decision in Alkongrs..ama about the landing and take-off of foreign aircraft loaded with (Alkuatm and dollars) on a military runway at Baghdad airport, the case is still under wraps The government did not dare to reveal the proportion of 1% of the truth for unknown reasons with the exception of a permit issued by the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary saying that he was forming an investigative committee in connection with the subject but God be upon you any of the committees set up since 2003 and has so far completed its work and announced the results of its investigation.

In total, then it is nothing more than Tsoeva and Tmtmh with premeditated, parliamentarians spoke of the various blocs and political trends for the two planes, which have recently landed at Baghdad airport and are carrying guns, silencers and then leaked after a period to Arbil and to speak from the airport was a year that is, without identifying the government agency which oversees the management of such missions or she receives this type of aircraft loaded with weapons and because the issue important and confusion that took place revolves around not insignificant we would like to say that there are two runways at the international airport in Baghdad, one of the Ministry of Defense, a military runway and the second up to the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority which means civil aircraft and receive civilian passengers and leave and who got the planes that Ahtta in (Baghdad airport) Ahtta in the military runway and not civil runway As for why landed two aircraft were holding them with pistols silencers is what should be the question to the government and to the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani His first deal When the news Johaina certainty.