Ghabban: Internal security receives 9 provinces and Baghdad next month, non-threatening but they are not considered stable

The new evidence / Medal star

Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi endorsement of the decision to receive the internal security of 9 provinces in the month of December Almqubl.oukal Ghabban told a news conference attended by «new evidence» at the ministry, said the «central and southern governorates stable security and formed a committee from the Ministry of Interior and Defense and the rest of the security services and under the supervision of Chancellery of Homeland Security to review this file, evaluation and decision-making to transfer responsibility to the Ministry of Interior and approved by the General Commander of the Armed Forces »He added Ghabban that« the Ministry of the Interior will take over responsibility for the file in the nine provinces in the 15th of the month next »He explained Interior Minister« in respect of the capital Baghdad, which is non-threatening, but they are not considered stable security fully, the committee approved a plan to move the file within six months begin to receive a security cordon received by the Ministry of Interior of the city of Baghdad, the first stage and not all of the province, and the Baghdad operations to maintain security in the capital belt.