Asadi calls for the deletion of article 30 of the federal budget ..qlh hyphen water to the province of Al-Muthanna is not enough to drink, let alone for agriculture and animal husbandry as reflected negatively on the standard of living


Called on the leadership of the coalition of state law, MP for the province of Muthanna Adnan Hadi al-Asadi, the federal government and the House of Representatives to increase the budget for reconstruction in Muthanna. He said al-Asadi province in a press statement received źnew evidence╗ need Muthanna province to assist in the budget and that the large number of poverty where due to lack of to maintain both of petro dollars or border or domestic output ports and the lack of agricultural water availability or for grazing and animal husbandry resources, Asadi said that all of this calls us to demand from the government and the House of Representatives to increase the construction budget to maintain and drawers federal ministries projects in the province to move the economic wheel to maintain and budgets Previous neglected this province because the budget allocated to the proportion of the provincial population and Muthanna are less conservative in terms of population but has a vast area fauna second-largest province in Iraq in terms of area and must take this into account when the budget allocation to the provinces, and the lack of hyphenation to conserve water not enough to drink, let alone for agriculture and animal husbandry, which reflected this negatively heavily on the standard of living in the province and increased the unemployment rate which significantly and also the poverty rate, and stressed al-Asadi, the need to delete Article 30 of the federal budget, which is forcing the public sector procurement of public sector companies and the development of 25 % on the price of us encourages large-scale corruption and allows civil participating companies with public sector companies in the supply of goods to the ministries and institutions under the pretext of it produced by the Ministry of Industry and trade companies which affects the private industry and importers to private companies and encourage corruption in state institutions also called on the government to quickly conduct the Census and Statistics population to be on a budget, the provinces and the region is real and not just my guess, as in previous years as the distribution of the popular crowd called for increased security agencies to budget their honorable positions in defense of the homeland and to condemn the battle and victory momentum.