Leaking very dangerous .. Maliki threatens the clergy and members of religious authorities who were involved major corruption files (Details)

24-11-2015 08:00 PM
Follow-up news

Maliki returned again called for his threats to expose the clerics and the sons of the terms of reference were involved in a major corruption files of his tenure so far, and especially in the energy file and tours of licenses in particular.

According to a source close to al-Maliki said last During a meeting gathered with some of the leaders of the ruling Dawa party, had threatened to expose all of Mohammad Reza Sistani and his arms Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, Ahmad Safi involvement files of a major corruption in the oil licensing rounds and management of holy sites and Asthawwazhm file on the billions of dollars through this suspicious transactions.

The source added, that these threats came in response to al-Maliki has received information about al-Sistani's determination and his son Mohammad Reza and his arms and net Karbalai and their representative in the Iraqi government Hussain al-Shahristani, to get rid of al-Maliki during his trial or to kill him.

The source confirmed, that al-Maliki has documents enough to condemn this corrupt episode, which controls the Ministry of Oil and electricity and management of the holy sites, where he owns copies of recordings of phone calls, video clips and documents reveal the bank accounts of some numbers (outside Iraq) and how much money received by all of these names.

It is said that this is not the first time the so-called al-Maliki in which such a threat, it has launched similar threats in the past August when released report of the Special investigate the fall of Mosul parliamentary committee, where al-Maliki said, during a meeting with a number of leaders of the Dawa and the State of Law coalition party, after returning from Tehran, 'It's now show the date of those documents, files, and with God's help Sakeshvha all'.

He said, 'You Sodaha my possession, however, the elimination of the eight years that I've been prime minister and Saalnha before the courts and pay their perpetrators from the masters and sheikhs and the sons of references and Shiite and Sunni officials to the courts to Eachdhu fair reward.