Modern Fatlawi bare "Nakba" budget

11/24/2015 08:51

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Iraqis still stand long on the paragraphs of the general budget for 2015, which included material they describe as "unfair", and smell the contents smell consensus and corrupt deals, sponsored by the blocks and Iraqi political parties, influential, on the rights of Iraqi people account in the center and south, and in favor of the Kurdistan region, but for the benefit of the family of regional president Massoud Barani and his family of powerful, exclusively.

This popular conclusions, traded on a large scale, turn the pages on an ongoing basis, the mass circulation wide of the modern independent MP Hanan al, which describe the financial budget as a
"second catastrophe" after the "Nakba" political agreement with the Kurdistan region, with experts in the financial affairs counting
year's budget current as "balancing the Kurdistan region par excellence."

And it called on the messages received by the angle of "citizen journalist" in "obelisk" to block a proposed budget of Kurdistan's budget in 2016 if the province does not pay off the debts of his trust, calling for taxes and the introduction of the oil funds, which have the region, within the budget.

The intervention Fatlawi in the House of Representatives, have raised objections and attacked by Congress and Kurdish politicians, what raised from Notes, included in included, if the budget turned a blind eye on the $ 36 billion that is owed by the province.

The money experts for "obelisk" that "Fatlawi put points on the letters with respect to the privileges obtained by the region in the budget," he said, pointing out that "Iraq is in dire need of the $ 36 billion to cover the deficit in the budget."

And impose a national and moral responsibility to the Iraqi parliamentarians, reconsider the budget bill because it is in this way, take away the rights of the Iraqi people, in light of the fierce war Iraqis fought and cost them a lot of money, they are in dire need of it, for the payment of expenses, and the granting of fighters legitimate rights of salaries, and support for their families, many of them after he became a fighter without pay, because of budget shortfalls.

During her intervention, Fatlawi said, that the authors of the budget did not talk about a billion and a half billion dollars that have been delivered to the region within the previous agreement, wondering "We do not know according to any item or tab within the budget has been transferred those amounts to the province."

Interestingly, in the national budget, the compulsory savings and tax money, the modern cars and cards mobile phone, Internet, and other taxes, source, according to the budget, central and southern Iraq, while neglected the budget tax sources of the county officials and border outlets.

This means that the Government of the Territory will share Almjbah of the people of central and southern tax money,
and reserves to itself to those levied in the region.

The message home of Ahmed al-Yassiri, from Baghdad, said that political deals, and agreements unfair
made ​​from the Kurdistan region do not share with us the oil wealth, but a participant in the absorption of the subsistence of the people of the center and south, through the imposition of taxes go share of them, into the pockets of regional officials.

In the same context, Fatlawi showed in her intervention documented by a video clip attached to the report, that "balancing the region prescribed supposed to be 17% but the reality is that it is currently more than 20% after the inclusion of the Peshmerga forces part of the defense allocations."

This controversial points in the budget, which demonstrate "no Obalah" the competent authorities, which
embarked on the budget, led some to regard the current year budget, with distinction Kurdish budget.

In the last detail, the budget reveals disregard the rights of the Arabs of the Iraqi people for the benefit of Massoud Barzani, the political lining, if the budget did not talk about the fate of the oil released from the Kurdistan region during the past years.

It was supposed, is to settle Independent imports to the region with the paragraphs of the current budget but the current year's budget omitted that, as neglected bind the Kurdistan region of any taxes or ceilings for export.
In this division Aldazy will enjoy the region actually increased by much more than 17% of the budget, which is basically ratio is fair for the benefit of the region.

The message contained identical notes to "obelisk" with what Fatlawi raised questions about the fate of the oil exported from Kirkuk and Kurdistan.

While the oil agreement on the export of oil states of Kirkuk by 300 000 barrels and the Kurdistan 250 000 barrels, the Kirkuk exports of up to 600 000 barrels per day, and the region's exports may reach more than half a million barrels a day, and all the money these export activities outside scope of the agreement, did not enter the annexation of the budget and go directly to the region.

The parliamentary Finance Committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, revealed in a January 7, 2015 with the direction of the House of Representatives to return the law to the general budget of the new Council of Ministers, describing the budget as "delusional."

Fatlawi intervention and raised in the House of Representatives session, about the budget, the ire of Kurdish deputies and caused Thgmehm on independent MP, after he exposed the Fatlawi unfair budget that stripped the rights of
the Iraqi people.

She described the message received by the "obelisk" budget as "legitimizing theft of the Iraqi people's money through these unfair for the rights of the budget, and that the protest has a duty, under submission and complacency of Shiites and Sunnis that Okhrsthm the political consensus of the House of Representatives bloc.

The modern Fatlawi has won a large segment of the Iraqi people Reza, who described the intervention Fatlawi as "bold", Naotain them as "MP courage", which has become the mouthpiece of the oppressed of the sons of the Iraqi people who Tnasthm "lie down" policies and "courtesies" and political deals.

The Council of Ministers approved, on October 18, 2015, the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, the total expenses amounting to 106 trillion dinars and a projected deficit of 23 trillion dinars, almost.