Commander of Nineveh operations: ISIS collapsed after the liberation of Sinjar
23 November 2015

Shafaq News / The commander of Nineveh
operations confirmed that ISIS has collapsed after the liberation of Sinjar, while pointing out that the battle of Mosul will not be traditional, especially after the organization has been infiltrated from inside.

Maj. Gen. Najim al-Jubouri told Shafaq News, that there was "a major collapse in the ranks of local ISIS elements in Mosul after the organization lost Sinjar."

Al-Jubouri called, "those who were not involved with the blood of others , captivity and theft of local elements of ISIS to leave arms immediately and to put in their mind that there is a law ,a judiciary and a system in the case one of them surrendered will have a fair trial according to the law while who confront the security forces then death will be his fate."

Al-Jubouri assured the people of Mosul that "the battle to liberate Mosul will not be conventional, as happened in Sinjar or Baiji, but would be a foregone conclusion by God willing, as our goal is to help our people and free them from these killers, we have put everything in our calculations."

He also called to "boycott the organization and not to crowd around the so-called media points , the killing fields and beheading areas of the organization or the headquarters of the organization in Mosul and its outskirts for being war targets , we have warned before frequently to move away from the headquarters of the organization for fear of casualties among innocent people."

He said , "We are now in an entire paralysis of the organization's stage as we targeted its leadership , headquarters and tactical points , now the organization is dying inside Mosul for suffered many losses and reached the stage of complete paralysis after it has been fully breakthrough which made there is a conflict between the local and foreign ISIS elements within the same organization.