Infallible up Iran to attend an economic forum and Al-Jaafari leave for Japan

Twilight News/President Fouad Massoum arrived Sunday to Tehran to attend the third Summit of the Forum of gas exporting countries. He said the information Office of the Presidency that "President Fouad Massoum, arrived Sunday to Tehran at the invitation of his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rowhani, to attend the third Summit of the gas exporting countries Forum (GECF), which starts on Monday and discuss topics relating to the conditions of production and world markets for gas."

The statement added that the Iraqi delegation to the Conference includes oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and a number of senior government officials as well as a number of consultants and experts. "The President will be held on the sidelines of the Summit meetings with the Iranian leadership and some participating heads of States also include Russia and Algeria and Libya and the Sultanate of Oman and Egypt and Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Qatar, Trinidad/Tobago, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates and Norway and Kazakhstan and the Netherlands.

The statement drew attention to the "Minister of finance and Economic Affairs on OK and a number of senior Iranian officials who greeted the delegation at the international mehrabad airport.

So Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, Sunday, to Tokyo for an official visit to discuss deepening relations between the two countries and shared files.

Jaafari said in an interview before his departure, moved his press office said in a statement that "the visit to Japan is part of the deepening ties between Baghdad and Tokyo, and discuss shared files between the two countries," adding that "Japan has a stand against terrorism, and can be utilized in Iraq attitudes in international forums because she heard her weight, and position from terrorism Musharraf and supportive".

Jaafari said, "we will explore opportunities for the attribution of the Japanese Government for the Iraqi economy in all areas and provide some assistance, particularly that Iraq is experiencing an exceptional circumstance," Japan the Miz multiple, particularly in the economic file in all branches of production, industry and Agriculture and trade, a successful Japanese product that conquers the world market in the world, even the us market ".

He added, "we believe that Japan is able to push Iraq to develop the inland transport modes, whether cars or trains or other network", pointing out that "open horizon in this area welcomed us very much."