Preparations to move the troops to the parties to Mosul

​Raised the combined forces of the rates of implementation of clearing the land and urban operations of Conception Aldoaash Ptoukitat plans overseen by the field of senior military commanders with its commitment to maintaining the integrity of locals, as it saved our valiant dozens of families from the siege of terrorists process quality in the Thar Thar area North gray .. accompanied it's preparations and movements of troops equipped with the direction of the city of Mosul, which is witnessing the continuation of the process of entering dozens of terrorists Daash with their families coming to them from the Syrian-thin .. at a time when the totals secret conductivity of operations diversified and sought to kill the terrorists, rapists for their city. progress and purge statement said the Ministry of Defence that the commander of the ground forces and senior officers oversaw the continuing armed forces operations to hunt down terrorists Daash and cleanse the land of Anbar them within Wins in particular on the northern axis of the city of Ramadi successive path as the leadership Infantry Division tenth mechanism progress towards gray Center attribution of air and artillery and under the supervision of the ground forces commander in order to battle the resolution and liberate the land and residents from the oppression of criminals have no religion and their sole goal murder and sabotage, the statement said troops advancing vigorously and rush Highs toward its goals Baltoukitat appropriate Mekpdh enemy losses in lives and equipment, and in parallel Champions military engineering continue to remove mines and improvised explosive devices that the enemy tried desperate to reverse during which obstruct our units, progress toward its goals. rescue 70 families and the west of Ramadi axis Ajhzat blows to the Army Aviation eight of terrorists Daash, and destroyed a truck bomb and burned tanks in nationalization area ..

According to a statement of the cell media-Harbi, who confirmed that the Army Aviation, also destroyed wheel for terrorists and killed them in the vine spend. Under the leadership of the island operations and the desert conclusive, said a spokesman for the command, Brigadier Hamid Atwani:

The pieces Operations Command attribution of the crowd clan managed to free 70 families of Albu Nimr is composed of 210 members are women, children and elderly were terrorists Daash holding in the villages or molasses and Ghzayel and prime within the region Jabber. He added that the forces killed 35 terrorists and destroyed five vehicles and captured the two carrying weapons. Orientation of the connector and go to Nineveh province .. Brigadier General in the provincial police Mohammed al-Jubouri revealed to the reporter morning that allocated for the Liberation of the city of Mosul, the military force has completed its preparations for the progress of the province of Kirkuk toward drunken spend South east of Mosul in preparation for the start of the process of liberation of the city and re-displaced families to inhabit areas. Jubouri also told the correspondent that the number of terrorists families Daash that entered the city of Mosul, coming from the Syrian Raqqa city increased to 100 family and lived in the homes of Almousliyn confiscated by the so-called (real estate Bureau of Daash).

Kill AldoaashAs part of the escalation of clandestine Almousliyn groups against Aldoaash there. . quoted correspondent for the morning police Colonel Fawaz Hayali as saying that a group calling itself the (Liberal Brigades) opened fire with light weapons on civilian four-wheel riding Doaash resulting in the killing of complacency while implementing disappeared from sight. During other similar process witnessed on Sunday killed six people Doaash attack was carried out by unidentified gunmen at a checkpoint with a hand grenade in the south of Mosul Aldndan area without being able to those gangs to catch up with them. Arrests and executions and the impact it has Daash gangs of killing two officers in Captain facilitator Mahmoud, Colonel Khaled Nineveh Police Jerjeri who were detained by those gangs, according to local sources confirmed that Aldoaash killed the two officers by firing squad in the courtyard south of Mosul prison area with prevent the delivery of their bodies to their parents. It also quoted correspondent morning Colonel Fawaz Hayali, saying that terrorists Daash surrounded the bitter village of hand Qayyarah (35 km south of Mosul) and arrested 19 previously an associate in the local police, including seven of Nineveh Police Department officers and various ranks, adding that the detainees face Daash charge of cooperation and make contact with the security forces and taken to an unknown destination.