Warning manipulation of the ruling family in Kurdistan's oil Kirkuk

BAGHDAD / obelisk warned a coalition of state law, Monday, manipulation of the ruling family in Kurdistan province of Kirkuk and the fate of Bnaftha, calling on the government not to deal with Massoud Barzani, head of the province because he lost legitimacy. The MP said the coalition Mohammed Chihod in an interview with the local media and I followed 'Obelisk', The 'Kirkuk is an Iraqi province and includes all shades of the Iraqi people, it can not be the ruling family in Kurdistan that the province is manipulating the fate of the province and Bnaftha, we will not allow them never'. He added that 'the government should not deal with Massoud Barzani, president of Kurdistan region because he lost legitimacy after the end of its mandate, so it can deal with the person lost legitimacy, but with a real person and a representative elected by the Kurdish people do not'. The Kurdistan region submitted a proposal to the federal government calculates the Kirkuk oil amounting to 550 000 barrels within its stake in the 2016 budget.