Najafi exploits guesthouse for the meetings of Parliament partisan without accountability

deputy of the Federation of Iraqi forces accused the president of a coalition united Osama al [former House Speaker] to "exploit" the parliament guesthouse for the meetings partisan.
Said Abdul Rahman Alloizi told all of Iraq [where] that "Najafi running for the House of Representatives guesthouse and held meetings at which the exploited and is now a free loose a shrug one that condemned".
Promised Alloizi the process of fighting corruption as "It's very complicated because the corruption capital is spread widely and because many of the corrupt associated political Bechtel a fact understood by the Iraqi people, so the situation is difficult and if we are running in so may of Ansl to result in this aspect.
"A source in the prime minister, said on the sixth of this month that a major Congress of the Republic [including Osama al] and ministers have been dismissal, and they do not exercise any governmental status.
According to the source, to [where] that "the Vice Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Republic has been dismissed and stop their salaries since last August, and pulled them official offices and thousands of protections they do not exercise any governmental status in the Iraqi state since pink slip but until now not retreat from it, "he said, adding that" any claim otherwise is contrary to reality ".