Iraq tenth Arab "and 93 globally" in the energy balance index

Data from the World Energy Council showed issued "Qatar" list of Arab countries in the global energy balance for 2015 index, followed by the UAE, while Iraq ranked tenth in the Arab world. " The report noted that Qatar was ranked 28th globally, and came "Emirates" in 38th place globally, and occupied the "Saudi Arabia" ranked third regionally and globally 51 ", and occupied Iraq Alemratbh tenth Arab" globally and Al93 "BBD. The "Lebanon" in last place regionally and globally 128 worst performer, and "Yemen" in ranked 126 in the world. At the global level, the issue "Switzerland" the list of countries in the global energy balance for 2015 index. It is based World Energy Council in Ranked countries over the balance between the three energy dilemmas of energy sustainability, and provide the power supply, and environmental sustainability. Her countries and get high performance on the rating AAA, while countries that get other classifications such as the BBC, CCD, would need to be to improve the balance between the three dilemmas of energy.