Deputy for the National calls for a resolution to support the local product

Deputy called the Council of Ministers of the National Alliance to pass a resolution in support of the local product. And between Ahmed al-Badri told all of Iraq [where] that "the economic and investment commission in Parliament stressed the need for the local product support, noting that" We have to prepare the controls and the issuance of a decision by the Council of Ministers support the national product. "He explained that" Iraq has become a consumer countries and importer for all needs Note that there is a good factories and laboratories need to qualify and prepare to be supporting the Iraqi product. "The religious authority, in the words of its representative in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed Safi, indicated earlier that the poor economic planning and the lack of an integrated strategy to provide financial resources for the country is prices of the oil situation , aspect of corruption, especially that our country suffers from a lack of investment resources of the many and potential properly, except oil, instead of revitalizing the agricultural and industrial sectors and provide job opportunities for young people in these two important fields, we find a continuous increase in the number of employees in government departments is a real need many of them, "and urged officials to activate the agricultural sector to its importance in achieving food security by providing job opportunities from the other side as well as the recovery of the industrial sector in general and the protection of the national product to compete with the product Alforeig.