Infallible: joint cooperation establishes the foundations for stability and feeds the global market economy countries expanded {}
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said President Fuad Masum, the development of joint cooperation establishes the foundations of global stability in the market, the economy of countries and feeds in general, proponents Iraq in advance of the countries producing and exporting gas.

Masum said in his speech the summit third of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries, which was held in the Iranian capital Tehran followed the agency {Euphrates News} Today, that "Iraq is proposed to unify gas pricing indicators in order to move away gradually from fluctuations in world oil prices, with the order of priorities of the use of natural gas towards the same uses value added, notably petrochemicals and fertilizers.

"He added," We also propose to provide natural gas alternatives in the uses of nuclear energy and renewable, as well as natural gas shale, with the creation of sophisticated export system and branched regionally through multiple pipe lengths and measurement between the regional producing countries and the consumer connects the Gulf networks , and the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean together, and on to the rest of the world on the basis of common interests passing through Iraq because of its geographical location suitable between producing and consuming countries.

"He noted that" Iraq has gas reserves of 131 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, with total reserves total of associated gas is about 98 trillion cubic feet.
"He stressed that" the reserve total free gas amounts to about 33 trillion cubic feet, representing 25% of the country's gas reserves, so Iraq is ranked 11 in the world, and hoped that the advanced ranking we have completed the current explorations that have been stalled for decades because of wars.

"He noted that" work is underway to develop gas fields; in order to accommodate the expected in associated gas production increase, and includes the full investment and process for the production of dry gas, liquid, petrol, gas, and sulfur , so we are working hard to extend the network of gas pipelines, and the provision of reservoirs and pumping stations necessary.

"And that" Iraq has two projects with Iran, the first across the province of Nineveh has been almost completed, and the other with the province of Basra was agreed upon recently, as well Discussions were continuing with Kuwait, and Jordan ; cooperation in the field of gas, while efforts are continuing with all neighboring countries.

"The infallible" Iraq seeks to invest economic situation geographic strategic; to attract producing countries and importing natural gas, Iraq is qualified to be an outlet and a conduit for many countries if it has to take advantage of all of the studies proposed in this area, which lends to strengthen regional cooperation, which has become a necessity and need for each country, as well as to link the common interests, and to achieve stability, social progress, economic and human development of our countries and our region and the world at large. " Ended h