"Change" is the Government of the Territory unconstitutional and refused to dialogue without the return of the speaker of parliament and ministers to Erbil
November 23rd, 2015

Kurdistan Democratic Party seeks to reactivate a strategic agreement with the National Union
Sulaimaniyah - Abbas Karzi:
The MDC described in the latest opinion her current Kurdistan Regional Government as a coup and ordered the government and do not represent the reality of the people of Kurdistan, denied knowledge of the proposals made by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Democratic Party to resolve the political crisis and democracy in the region.
Hamas spokesman Shoresh Haji after the latest statement followed the new morning at a press conference held by the National Union and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, that change rejects any dialogue with the Kurdistan Democratic Party that did not finish the exceptional status quo "and intended to oust the speaker of parliament and ministers change for the provincial government" and return to the pre-October 12, which is, according to Haji return via the speaker of parliament and ministers of the MDC to Arbil again stuck to the movement not to accept any conditions for the start of negotiations and dialogue.
Politicians offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party held a meeting to discuss the proposals made by the National Union to end the crisis of the Kurdistan region.
, One of them re-speaker of parliament and ministers change to the Parliament and the provincial government to ensure, with Massoud Barzani stay on as president of the region for two more years, provided that undertakes to waive some of the broad powers.
The deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Nechirvan Barzani told a news conference with the Authority operating official in the Patriotic Union of the Political Bureau of Mullah Bakhtiar after the meeting, "We agreed on the unification of the Kurdish House, and the need for joint action at this stage", he returned to the Patriotic Union of "key partner in power in Kurdistan and can not ignore the role and influence, "he said, adding that his party for Ayda preconditions and does not accept preconditions from any quarter to start a dialogue.
Turn Mullah Bakhtiar said that the National Union and the Democratic Party has not ending a strategic agreement between the two, but this agreement need to be rewritten on a new basis between the two parties.
On the Patriotic Union's role in the ongoing meetings between the main parties, Mullah Bakhtiar added: "We are not mediators between the political parties, but we are in the midst of the process" and stressed the need to unify the Kurdish house and said, "We must go to Baghdad and we are united."
For his part, the President of the MDC faction in the Council of Representatives of Iraq, Hoshyar Abdullah said in an interview with Channel (KNN) I followed the new morning that the movement is the opinion of the Leadership Council of the National Union is the foundation in its dealings with the Patriotic Union of referring to the rejection of what's remarks Bakhtiar that he made at the conference journalist with Nechirvan Barzani, adding that any proposals does not guarantee the return of the Speaker of Parliament Yusuf Mohamed to the exercise of his functions and re-ministers change to their ministries unacceptable, adding that his movement rejects any courtesy or tune with the Kurdistan Democratic Party at the expense of what he called a coup against the legitimacy of pre-democratic in the region , pointing out that the current crisis worsened after members of parliament from the Movement for Change and the Patriotic Union open cases of corruption in the oil file and the loss of a large part of imports, in addition to the peaceful transfer of authority to file in the region following the end of the legal period for the presidency of the region, stressing that the four parties that opposed the extension the state of the region's president made a big mistake not to submit a candidate for the rival Massoud Barzani, which led to democratic governance and stuck a chair exclusivity and domination.
Hoshyar Abdullah called for the four parties to condemn the democratic policy of the Kurdistan playoffs and show setter end the domination and overtaking on the legitimacy of the parliament and the government and the democratic system position, and said that the way out of the current crisis lies in the need to change the tribal mentality that overwhelm the Kurdistan Democratic Party and his administration to the joints of the rule policy and bypassed the operation political.
For his part, denied a member of the political bureau member of the negotiating team of the National Union Saadi Ahmed beer to be the National Union submitted a proposal involves changing the presidency of the regional parliament, he said that the National Union proposals include the need to unify the Kurdish House and reforms in various joints of governance and administration, in light of the economic, administrative and security challenges facing the region at the moment.
Observers believe surveyed by New Morning views impossibility of the Kurdistan Democratic Party go back and change movement in light of the growing tensions and disagreements escalating between them to dialogue and understanding table, so seeking Kurdistan Democratic Party after he shook the hand of the change to win over the National Union's position by offering major concessions to him for re-activating the strategic agreement with him, and the signing of a new agreement resulting in the formation of a new government in the province and the restructuring of the presidency of the parliament headed by Yusuf Mohammed, a movement for change out of the political impasse, legislative and legal left by the Kurdistan Democratic action against his former partner in the provincial government of the MDC.