Sadr for the Kurds: We and you believe in self-determination and must be addressed
2015-11-23 20:14:09

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He said the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, he and Kurds believe in self-determination, as called for addressing the militant Kurds and prevent sedition, warned of the danger of a clash between Kurds and Arabs in order not to exploit "Daash" to increase his influence.

Sadr said in replying to a question received from one of his followers about the position of the Kurds around Tuz incident, and seen by Alsumaria News, "We are with you, O Kurdish people struggling suffered from the dictatorial regime unjust and suffered from brutal occupation," noting that "we and you (the Kurds) believe self-determination ".

Addressing the chest of the Kurds by saying "You have decided to oppose the destructive at the time and did you choose your territory, but if you choose to secede (God forbid), we have to remain either under the banner of homeland or remain neighbors brings us love and peace away from all harm and hurt, sectarian and nationalist, but we share the foundations of humanity that came by all the prophets, including Muhammad (SAW). "

He stressed the chest "the importance of caution and prevent sedition and address Michddakm as our response to Michddana and Rdanahm," explaining that "it is hoped you to be dealings brotherhood and transparency is not shrouded in mystery for there to be a brotherhood between Arabs and Kurds, and move away from everything that raises sedition foolish."

Sadr warned of "dangerous confrontation so as not to exploit Aldoaash Tusathm and in order to increase their influence," stressing "appeal to reason and logic and Shara and patriotism among all the parties and cooperation to end Aldoaash".

And denounced al-Sadr "abnormal sounds of Arabs and Kurds that you want to sow discord among the key components of those beautiful Iraqi mosaic", calling on the Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen out that "there are no differences perched on the scene with the Turkmen understand your brothers should not oppress or extort hailed God moderation and Enough of evil extremism. "

The al-Sadr called on Sunday (November 22, 2015), people spend Tuz to be careful and to prevent "sedition" occurrence does not serve the repercussions of any party, as suggested conducting municipal elections in the judiciary and the abolition of laws, "the appointment of personalities," which, he stressed the need to speed up the maintenance of the land by the army and police and "move away" by other parties.