Council Kirkuk: Abadi refused to change general managers without coordination with the provinces

2015-11-23 19:59:28

| (Voice of Iraq) - Kirkuk

The President of the provincial council in Kirkuk Ribawar high-Talabani, on Monday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi refused the procedures followed by the interior, health and water resources ministries and of isolating or cancel the positions of two managers to maintain, as he emphasized that managers change should be in coordination with the provinces.

Talabani said in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in the last meeting with the provincial councils in Babylon, that a change in government departments managers is one of the powers of local governments, and should be in coordination with the provinces," stressing that "al-Abadi refused procedures by some of the ministries in isolation or cancel the positions of two managers in the province, as it did the ministries of interior, health and water resources. "

He said Talabani, that "Kirkuk Provincial Council submitted a report on monitoring and field visits to the departments covered by the transfer of powers," explaining that "The prime minister received a copy of the report is to follow up the ministries that are still running slowly, and the prime minister promised to hold accountable negligent and follow-up of the subject."

And between Talabani, "among the topics that were discussed at the meeting the project and the Ministry of Electricity in the presence of the Minister of Electricity B_khassh electricity in areas of Iraq, which includes 181 district and give it to investors to improve the reality of power in the Iraqi provinces."

The local government of Kirkuk, announced on Thursday (22 October 2015), its rejection of the decision of the Ministry of Interior judge to dismiss the provincial police director and his assistant and a group of officers and associates of the office, and while it considered as a "constitutional violation" of the law of the provinces, confirmed that it would reject any decision by the Baghdad right Managers of Kirkuk without coordination with them.