Interior Minister announces take over security in the nine provinces of the middle of next month
2015-11-23 18:44:56

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, Monday, that his ministry will take over the security file in the nine provinces of the south and center-aligned middle of next month, as he emphasized the low bombings and incidents of "terrorist" in the central and southern provinces by 38%.

A statement of the Interior for Ghabban as saying during a press conference that "the terrorist incidents in central and southern governorates ratio I said during the last year of the 4788 incident a terrorist to 2491, an increase of 38 percent," noting that "terrorist incidents involving bombs wheels and suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices and lenses and launching mortars and fire and others. "

Ghabban pointed out that "a committee was formed from the ministries of interior, defense and other security agencies under the supervision Chancellery of Homeland Security to review the security file, evaluation and decision-making to transfer responsibility to the Ministry of Interior and approved by the commander of the armed forces," noting that "the Ministry of Interior will take over responsibility for the file in the nine provinces of the middle next month".

With regard to the capital, Baghdad, confirmed Ghabban, as a "non-threatening, but they are not considered stable security fully," noting that "the Commission approved a plan to move the file within six months starts to receive a security cordon received by the Ministry of Interior of the city of Baghdad, the first stage and not all of the province and the operations Baghdad to maintain security in the belt of the capital. "

He Ghabban that "the ministry is exposed to a lot of also realize, headquarters and police patrols were exposed to more than 1535 terrorist attack, including 53 suicide car bombs and 109 explosive device and 11 suicide belt and 654 firing indirect fire, whether Bhaonat or rockets at formations ministry patrols, The Ministry made during this year 1096 martyr 0.164 officer, and 932 associate, and provided 3633 wounded, 410 of them officers. "

It was confirmed in Ghabban (June 7, 2015) the ability and readiness of his ministry to take over security in Baghdad, and among the capital safe and non-threatening, he explained that his ministry had submitted a plan include the lifting of checkpoints gradually.