Bilateral meetings and preparatory meetings for the success of the national meeting


Baghdad morning
waiting for the preparatory meetings for meeting the national to come to common understandings, combining denominators converged in the papers of political blocs, to get out paper work uniform progress to the national meeting of which agreement and commitment with the requirement in that paper.
After the exchange of members of the Preparatory Committee papers submitted representatives of the political blocs in the previous meetings, there was subsequent meetings a positive atmosphere to deal with all the proposals that Ataatqata with the articles of the Constitution and serve the political process advances and Thlhal outstanding problems.
bilateral meetings
did not cut off bilateral meetings at the level of heads of political blocs in order to develop common positions and spread the positive spirit in dealing between everyone, has discussed the President of the National Alliance, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, with the head of the ICM property Sharif Ali Bin Al Hussein developments in the political process and their developments. A statement by the Information Office of the Jafari "It also discussed during his meeting with bin al-Hussein and his accompanying delegation on the most prominent developments in the political process and the role of the National Alliance Iraq working to preserve and strengthen relations between the blocs and political forces, also discussed the head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi al-Hakim with a delegation of the mass of the solution internalized within the Iraqi List, tracks the political process and the latest efforts to convene a national meeting and the work of the preparatory committees for the meeting. and the transfer of the Information Office of the Council Supreme Hakim confirmed during his meeting yesterday with the delegation of the bloc headed by Osama Karbouli and a number of House members need to adopt dialogue as to resolving the dilemmas of political list. "For his part, said Karbouli according to the statement that" his meeting with al-Hakim was the meeting fruitful and was listening to his vision in the adoption of dialogue and the need for sincerity and will complete application solutions and concession partners for each other to get out of the political crisis.
will not be the last meeting
and said a member of the political body of the National Alliance MP for the "coalition of state law," Shaker Darraji that the meeting of the Preparatory Committee will be the last.
said in a press statement "The meeting will focus on the issue out a paper one, after study and discussion of papers blocks submitted to the Commission, and that future meetings of the Preparatory Committee will work to unite all the cards, provided that the graduate of any paper on the frames the constitution." and added: "The National Alliance, stressed during previous meetings , should not jump to the Constitution, "pointing to the existence of the possibility to resolve the demands prohibitive made ​​by some political blocs. The MP said the coalition" forces of Kurdistan "Mahma Khalil:" The preparatory meetings for the meeting of the National did not reach the final stages of the development agenda and rescheduled meeting the national decision. "he said in a press statement that" the large number of preparatory meetings without announcing clearly what has been agreed upon, give evidence of the depth of the differences between the political blocs and it encounters perfumed thoughts. "He said," The leaders and representatives of the political blocs to take into account that the commitment the outcome of any meeting or conference, especially the national meeting next, more important than setting a date to take place. "
date of the meeting the national
and on what was said about a national meeting after the Arab summit, between Darraji he "did not specify the far deadline for the meeting, and important results and not the date ". with said independent MP Qais Cdhir The postponement of the national meeting until after the Arab summit would not affect the functioning of the political process.
said in a press statement that the political process now going through a phase of relative stability, pointing to the existence of the demands of the political blocs were discussed at the meeting of the preparatory committees will be put up in the national meeting.
He added, with the political blocs flexibility to overcome the current crisis so the postponement of the national meeting until after the Arab summit would not affect the course of the political process. A member of the House of Representatives for the cluster white Kazem Al Shammari postpone the national meeting until after the summit Arabic is expected to be held in Baghdad on March 29 next positive step. he said in a press statement that: "Go to file the Arab summit and set it in a calm and political stability in Iraq would be an active player in the success of the Arab summit."
and added that "the postponement of the national meeting until after the summit Arabic is described as good and is a positive step not to reverse Iraq's problems internal to the atmosphere of the next summit. "With regard to non-participation of the cluster white in the preparatory meetings said Shammari said that" the bloc does not want the complexity of the Iraqi political scene and it welcomes end to political crisis, whether participating in the preparatory meetings or non-participation "Noting that the" cluster previously was reserved not to receive is some parliamentary blocs and the other an invitation to participate.