President of the movement Solution bless the Declaration of the Committee of the six senior provincial coordination and calls

2015-11-23 16:22:38

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Dr. Jamal al-Karbouli head movement solution and leader of the Union of Iraqi forces announced his blessing for the formation of the Supreme Coordinating Committee Sunni provinces.

Added Dr. Karbouli; that the efforts we have made to support our people in the usurped provinces since the formation of the Government of Abadi did not go dam and the victories military and security forces and tribesmen in the liberation of the cities of the provinces of Diyala and Anbar, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and soon in Nineveh, it is only the fruit of political efforts and the parliaments of the sons of the tribes provinces.

A member of the leadership of the Supreme Coordinating Committee that the signs of victory near the guerrilla terrorism and atonement requires intensified efforts and put aside their differences and work as one integrated team for the reconstruction of the liberated areas and restoration of our people displaced to their areas and save their rights and dignity.

The President of the movement of the solution for the status of all cadres of the movement of the solution and their organizations in six provinces in addition to the parliamentary faction at the disposal of the Supreme Coordinating Committee in any duty to serve the Commission's efforts and puts into practice its stated objectives.

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