Change Movement rejects a proposal to change the speaker of parliament
2015-11-23 16:25:41

| (Voice of Iraq) - Sulaymaniyah - morning
The movement of Kurdish Change rejected a proposal from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, serving to change the current President of Parliament Dr. Yusuf Mohammed, as a way out of the political crisis afflicting the province of Kurdistan, and confirmed its commitment to the return of normalcy to the pre-1210 and ensure the return of the Speaker of Parliament to office before talking about any political settlement of the crisis.
According to a leading Kurdish source », the National Union and across the delegation to the negotiating presented this proposal to the leadership change, but the change confirmed that it will not accept a return to the five-year meetings before the normalization of the situation and return it to its former position, and it does not substitute for the head of the current parliament.»
The leader of the »that the Patriotic Union delegation carries with it new proposals could lead to the center of solution to the crisis in the forefront of a proposal to change the governing body of the parliament as a whole, as opposed to the extension of the presidency of Massoud Barzani for two more years to give up some of his powers through a decree signed by himself, but the MDC is still on its rejection of all these proposals. » To that media quoted an invitation made by the former Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi to the regional president, Massoud Barzani, to intervene Profile resolve the political crisis across the region put forward an initiative to solve it. The media reported Kurdish, that «Allawi asked Barzani to calm the political situation in the region through a political initiative, as well as to intervene personally to address the crisis in relations between the KRG and the federal government in Baghdad».

Change: We are not aware of the Patriotic Union proposal will not accept any preconditions
(Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News
Spokesman said the movement of Kurdish change Shoresh Haji, that his movement was not aware of the proposal submitted to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Democratic Party on resolving the political crisis in the province of Kurdistan.
Haji said in a press statement, said the group was not aware of the content of the proposal presented by the Union in a meeting today with Democrats, he said, adding that the EU did not talk about any proposal in this regard in the last meeting, which was collected and change.
On the issue of changing the head of the Kurdistan Parliament, Haji said, "I will not accept any condition from any quarter," he said, adding that after the normalization of the situation and the return of the speaker of parliament and ministers to their posts, the group was ready for dialogue on various issues.