Abadi's office called on Iraqis to take advantage of international support for the reforms and specialists are demanding to amend the tax system

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11/23/2015 16:54
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Detection Prime Minister's Office, Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the existence of other "real" package of reforms, calling on Iraqis to put their differences "small" aside and Estphadoa of international support them, while Tcherieion officials and executives stressed the need to reform the tax system and improve tax collection, and argued that tax revenue accounting for 1.5 percent of gross domestic product only as a result of the large number of exemptions.

This came during a workshop on the reform of the tax system in Iraq, held in the guesthouse Council of Ministers, and attended (range Press).

Said Associate Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Nofal Abu forks, in a speech during the workshop, said that "the reforms begun and will not end and we are on the cusp of another real pack of them," adding that "part of the reforms linked to the social infrastructure of political, financial or economic system ".
And saw Abu thorns, "Such reforms can not be carried out by one government or party or person, but continue for successive Governments," and he called for "a real participation of the components of society, whether political, religious or social, as well as activists, businessmen and legislative bodies and the Executive to put the details of the reforms. "

The Associate Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, that there is "unlimited support for the success of the reforms of the East and West," calling on all Iraqis because "put aside their differences and small Estphadoa of international support."

For his part, Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Faleh applicable, in his speech during the workshop, said that "tax evasion and fraud on earnings and the lack of responsibility towards the nation, of the most important challenges facing the tax sector in Iraq," noting that "the Finance Committee is working on a reform of the tax system through amending some laws. "
He said in effect, that "in the current 2015 fiscal witnessed find new vessels," and expressed hope that "specialists contribute new proposals to find other tax vessels."
He called on the President of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, to the need to "improve tax collection and dissemination of awareness of the importance that every citizen so that it is expensive."

In turn, the head of the Tax Authority, Kazim Ali, during the workshop, "The Tax Authority laws still are old and need to change because some of them did not meet the requirements of the current economic situation", calling for "reform of the tax administration."
Ali explained, that "tax revenue accounting for 1.5 percent of gross domestic product," pointing out that there is "a lot of tax breaks such as those involving the agricultural sector."

Since the first law to tax in Iraq in 1927 legislation, and until the completion of Law No. (113) in 1982, there has been no development or change in the tax legislation, as a result of preoccupation with the former regime of war more than economic orientation, and after the change in 2003, issued a CPA Order No. (49), which reduced the tax, which was between 40 to 60 percent in the case of companies, to between 3-15 percent, but it seems that it "did not achieve justice," social tax system, as it did not add only one percent of the value of GDP.