Parliament: Congress will vote tomorrow on the division of Iraq
11/23/2015 14:19

BAGHDAD / obelisk announced former MP Fawzi Akram Tarzi, on Monday, the US House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on the division of Iraq's decision, and while noting that the Iraqi parliament in the 'vacation', called on the government to expel the US ambassador from Iraq and the closure of the embassy.

A tailor in an interview with the local media and I followed 'Obelisk', that 'the US House of Representatives will vote during its meeting to be held on Tuesday, on the division of Iraq's decision', noting that 'this decision deals with the Sunnis and the Kurdistan region sons in Iraq Kpldan'.

He added that the tailor 'the Iraqi parliament on vacation', adding that 'the US blatant interference in the internal affairs of Iraq and the application for the project, US Vice President Joe Biden to Snstan dividing Iraq and Kurdistan and Shiite Stan'.

He said that the tailor 'This decision is unfair', calling on the Iraqi parliament to 'hold an emergency session to discuss the seriousness of this conspiratorial project and take a national historic courageous decision'.

And called on the government B'althrk in diplomatic channels, foreign affairs and stop this interference and the expulsion of the US ambassador to Iraq and the closure of the US embassy ', pointing out that he' is not entitled to the Americans to interfere with State of Iraq, an attempt divided and fragmented by their desires and interests without right '.

And pass the Armed Services Committee in the US House of Representatives, earlier, a bill put forward by its member Mac Thornberry impose conditions for the allocation of US military assistance to Iraq worth $ 715 million from the defense budget for 2016, and include these conditions is to be dealt with 'Peshmerga and Sunni armed factions in Iraq Kpldan ', in order to provide US aid directly to the parties.

This condition was fitting angry reactions from officials in the Iraqi government and the clergy, where he was pronounced religious authority, in (1 May 2015), its rejection of the resolution, saying that it can not accept it, while the political forces called on to take a clear position on it.

As the voice of the House of Representatives, in (2 May 2015), on the wording of the decision provided by the National Alliance to respond to the bill by Congress, but Congress Union forces and the Kurdistan Alliance withdrew from abot session on the wording of the resolution.