Economist calls for the government to monitor lagging projects allocated to private companies
Date: 11/23/2015 12:16

Information / special / ..
Competent in economic affairs secretary student haven, Monday, lagging the government to follow up on the projects referred to local and foreign private companies, noting that most of the lagging companies invent arguments to delay the delivery of the project in order to trade in construction materials imported exempt from the tax.

The secretary told / information /, that "local and foreign private construction companies purposely prolonging the period of implementation and overtaken for several years in order to take advantage of the special duty-free import of construction materials - cement, iron, marble, aluminum ..ogerha of material - into the country to sell new prices check outrageous profits. "

"The infrastructure projects - sewage, roads and Aljsur- implement the articles of poor witnessing the departments have received, but the lists import confirm that the executing company imported raw materials from the finest origins, as signs of weakening government control over these projects and the lack of implementation of penalty clauses due to the delay."

And called on the government, "a review of all projects lagging and the application of penalty clauses the right to delay delivery of projects and caused delays in providing the desired services with the delay in the implementation of other episodes of the related projects," pointing out that "these companies benefited greatly from the weakness of observation and application of the law and regulations shall in particular From the door of the import of construction materials to take advantage of the tax credit ", calling for" a specified ceiling oblige companies to hand over the projects with matching types and quantities of imported materials, which entered in the construction of the project, and to punish lagging companies that have not delivered their projects on time specified ".

The number of provinces have recorded the reluctant companies on the black list are prohibited by the governorate - Acharkh- to submit their offers for the implementation of new projects in the future. Finished / 25 m