Parliamentary Economy: balancing investment with very little need for the 7000 project allocations

A member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, Najiba Najib promised investment budget allocations in the 2016 budget as "very few".
She said Najib told all of Iraq [where], that "investment allocations are very few with an almost 20 percent of the total state budget, before the 7000 project need to allocations." She added that "most of the allocations in the budget goes to projects of oil and defense," indicating that " This is one of the reasons reservation the International Monetary Fund on the budget. "She Najib" There is serious work by the parliamentary finance committee to reduce expenses with the participation of the government, "noting," The joint meeting will be held between the Parliamentary Finance Committee and the Finance Ministry in addition to a number of other ministries in two days the next two to discuss reducing expenditures is necessary to be canceled by agreement between the two sides.
"The Minister of Planning and Salman al-Jumaili said through hosted in the House of Representatives last Tuesday that" next year's budget in 2016 where new investment projects was not included, "noting that he" has been deleted and the freezing of some investment projects. " The total budget expenditures next year's 106 trillion dinars, compared to the amount of 119 trillion dinars for 2015, a drop of 11%, while the estimated federal budget for the coming year deficit of 22.7 trillion dinars, equivalent to 21% of total expenditures. He said Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari that "the government was able deficit reduction from 25% to 22%, "pointing out that" the Council of Ministers will submit an amendment to the budget bill in 2016 soon in order to reduce the existing deficit through the issuance of bonds and cash ".