It calls for "document of honor" to impose respect for the Iraqi and Kurdish flags and the application of "dissuasive sanctions" against abusers

Counting the Kurdistan Alliance, on Sunday, that the abuse of Iraqi teachers or Kurdistan "shows the national fabric at risk", with a coalition of citizen confirmed that the law "criminalizing" of burn aware of his country but the government is "unable" to impose, the student alliance Iraqi forces need to "document put honor "to ensure respect for El Alamein, and the imposition of" dissuasive sanctions "against those who offend them. Kurdistan Alliance: abuse of Iraqi Kurdistan flags and the national fabric exposed to danger The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance, Abdul Aziz Hassan, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "insulting the Iraqi flag in Kurdistan region came in social networking sites, unlike what happened in Karbala, which occurred in the inner city," rejecting "insulting the flag of Kurdistan Iraq or by any person, whether Shiite or Sunni or Kurdish because they are exposed to the risk of the national fabric. "
And Talib Hassan, the need to "renounce hatred and transmit the spirit of brotherhood and love among the Iraqi people, and to unite efforts towards the common enemy of organized Daash," noting that "the security forces in Erbil taken on Friday, (the twentieth of November the current 2015), legal proceedings against those insulted the Iraqi flag, as did the governor of Karbala same thing right from insulted the flag of the Kurdistan region. "
A coalition of citizen: the law criminalizes burn aware of his own
The Deputy for a coalition of citizen, that the law "criminalizing" burn the flag of his country, noting that officials in Karbala have made it clear that the displaced people are the ones who burned the flag of Kurdistan.
Hassan said Khalati, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The law provides for the punishment of those who burn the flag of his country in prison and a fine but the state is unable to enforce it," she returned to "insulting the Iraqi flag or the Kurdistan unacceptable and the duty of politicians extinguishing sedition and do not allow Mtshehadan Aker water. "
He Khalati, that "officials in Karbala confirmed that insulting the flag of Kurdistan came from displaced families," pointing out that there was a "young undisciplined in the Kurdistan region have performed an action is disciplined by insulting the Iraqi flag."
Alliance forces: There must be a document of honor to respect Iraqi and Kurdish flags
For his part, revealed Deputy for the Iraqi coalition forces, for the Alliance sought to formulate a "document of honor" between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil to El Alamein and respect for Iraqi Kurdistan, stressing the need to impose "deterrent penalties against those who insult the flags."
Mohammad al-Karbouli, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "what happened to the violation of Iraqi teachers and Kurdistan is a deliberate policy of external parties," stressing that "foreign agendas are hampering victory for the Liberation of the rest of the usurped territories by (Daash) and create problems." .
He Karbouli, that the "coalition of the Iraqi forces seeking to adopt a position document of honor between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil to respect the flags and give due respect to the Iraqi flag and then flag of the Kurdistan region in areas of interest to the region or its borders," and he called for "the imposition of deterrent penalties up to imprisonment and fines against those who offend for teachers to ensure that does not happen again. "
The Presidency of the Republic of Iraq promised, on Saturday (November 21, 2015), that the burning of Iraqi flags and Kurdistan by some "extremists", "incompatible" with national values ​​and principles of the Constitution, while called to stop those "harmful practices", warned of attempts to "sow discord and strife" between people of the same people.