Industrial check varying the completion of their projects carried out during the previous years rates

2015-11-22 21:15:01

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The General Directorate of Industrial Development at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, on Sunday, on the completion of projects of varying proportions of executing the investment budget of the Ministry during the previous years allocations.

The Director General of Directorate peace Saeed Ahmed in a statement received by, the (long-Presse), a copy of which, "The Directorate was able to complete nearly 84% of the Rehabilitation Project Nahrawan Industrial Complex, as it continues the execution of the industrial cities of Basra by the completion of the convergence 49 Dhi Qar% by the completion of 63%. "

Ahmed added that "the Directorate continuing to provide services, where specialized awarded nearly 94 vacation establishment of new industrial projects during the month of October of this year 2015, and seven complete the establishment of industrial projects that meet the required conditions certificates."

Ahmad noted that "the Directorate has adopted a plan to promote all products sister companies affiliated to the ministry and that the private sector can benefit from them, whether raw materials or supplementary, including the General Company for vegetable oils and the General Company for Iraqi Cement General Company for Leather Industries and Ibn Sina State Company and the company public splendor and company Radwan products public and other companies. "