Babylon mayors are demonstrating to demand overdue salaries and threatening to "suspend their work."

Dozens of mayors Babil province, on Sunday, demanding overdue salaries, as called for application of all provincial governors law, threatened to "suspend their work in the absence of the government's response to their demands."
The head of the mayors of Babylon Association Haider Jafar Zidane in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "dozens of mayors of the province of Babylon came out today a demonstration in front of Office of the province to demand overdue salaries for five months and modify paragraphs unfair against them and that came Law mayors No. 13 for the year 2011 and to extend the work for a period of one year by the provincial council's decision until the holding of new elections for mayors, "asserting that" the demonstrators threatened to suspend their work if the government did not respond to their demands. "
Zidane said that "the law 13 for the year 2011 includes clauses unfair of them to end the work of each Mukhtar went on to serve more than four years and we do not object to it if it applied to all the provinces," stressing that "there are provinces have not been applied by the paragraphs of the law and the disposal of their salaries as well as the subject certificates to the mayors because we have dozens of mayors do not have the intermediate certificate but they have extensive experience extended for many years. "
The Chairman of the Association that "the mayors are working since the first of August of this year, without legal basis and cover protects us to the end of the legal period for us has not issued instructions for the elections," stressing "raise the book through the provincial council number 4/8 to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for recommendation to wait However, we were surprised on 4/9 decision that we According to the legal opinion is not for us any recipe or a legal cover to work Kmkhatir ".
Of Gagne Mokhtar neighborhood Bakrla Muhannad Nazim said in an interview with the (long-Presse) that "our salaries not paid for months, a few salaries amounting to 250 000 dinars per month, despite our continuous day and night to serve the people of the neighborhoods as well as government agencies, particularly the security authorities."
Nazim said that "all the elect, who numbered 1400 selected distributors in all the shops and neighborhoods in districts, counties and rural areas in the governorate signed pledges that if caught any terrorists in their areas held accountable also held accountable for the terrorist," pointing out that "the province of Babylon Council passed a resolution on November 4 serving to renew confidence in the mayors for a period of one year and payment of overdue salaries because of the security envelope, which passes by the public and the province of Babylon, especially our country and the difficulty of holding new elections for mayors, but the Office of the province refused to apply the decision. "
It is said that the province of Babylon seen between the duration and other demonstrations to demand regardless of salary arrears due to the financial crisis, while witnessing demonstrations for several weeks to demand reforms and accountability of the corrupt.