MPs call for Basra to activate the Maritime Port Authority and the distribution of land to its employees

Called on deputies from the province of Basra on Sunday, the government to activate the role of sea ports authority, as called for Transport Minister role to own the homes occupied by the port staff and the distribution of land to them. The MP said the province Tawfiq al-Kaabi told a joint press conference with some deputies Basra held in the parliament building and attended by Alsumaria News, "the Iraqi ports where the multiplicity of regulators and security and the executive, weakening the work of management," calling on the central government and the Ministry of Transport to "activate the role of the Port Authority Navy, which includes customs, quality control, and prevention and health and other relevant authorities. " Basra ports staff are demonstrating to demand the functional rights legislation and the Maritime Authority Act
Video: 10 Arab and foreign companies competing for projects in Basra Kaabi and demanded to "activate the International Code, which includes all the security services in order to control the security situation, as is the case in the Civil Aviation Authority," explaining that "ports had previously seen many explosions because of the weakness of the procedures and the multiplicity of parties." He called al-Kaabi Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi transport to "Tmilk homes and the distribution of land to the staff of the ports." The scores of the general staff of the company for the ports of Iraq, which is based in the province of Basra, demonstrated earlier, to demand the functional rights and improve their working conditions, as called for legislation Maritime Authority Act to eliminate the phenomenon of the multiplicity of authorities in ports.