Deputy of Maliki's coalition: al-Shahristani, the students fought and shattered hopes


Described Deputy for a coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki Action taken by the Higher Education Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, converting a large proportion of the allocated to the students of seats Medical Group of the Central Admission to the parallel admissions that shatter the hopes of the students, "indicating that" There are no state in the World fights requested, such as Iraq. "
The MP emotions grace in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "al-Shahristani has this year to reduce the allocated Medical Group by 30 percent of seats and turn them into parallel acceptance, that is, winning 95 or 96 rate the student will not be accepted in the medical group that admission rates rose to 97 and older, and this is a serious precedent shattered hopes for outstanding students.
"She added," We are Anaatard on parallel acceptance condition that does not affect the central admission, not all students have the possibility of material parallel to the acceptance, according to the Iraqi constitution is supposed to free education, Also, the financial crisis should be does not resolve the students 'account.
"She asked a blessing" if the professors of the faculties of medicine in favor of the idea of parallel acceptance Why Angdam defending students' rights along the lines of what they are doing when staying minimum and Aigadunha as if they were compromising their salaries? ".
She continued," whenever we asked open health centers and hospitals in the districts and areas we are told that there is no medical staff, so why Ataatm to increase the number of seats acceptance in the medical group like the countries of the world? And why deprive talented students of acceptance and according to the entitlements within the central acceptance? "Indicating that" the Ministry of Planning bear part of the responsibility for this confusion because it is Atklv itself to report on the actual need for medical staff.
"And showed grace that" this great injustice suffered by the students this year was caused by poor planning and poor state management, as well as not to put the right man in the right place, and the result was to deprive students of their right, "indicating that" the authorities of the problem that caused its failure to recognize and correct its mistakes ".